Your basement has great potential to become a customized living space for you and your family. Unfortunately, many times basements are left unfinished, and the job of making them over can be daunting and expensive. If you’re planning to start a basement remodeling job, think carefully about your choices so you can save as much money as possible.

Decide ahead of time how you wish to use the space. Before beginning any work, your contractor will want to know if new plumbing or water lines need to be added to accommodate wet bars. Home theater systems sometimes require special considerations when mounting televisions and surround sound speakers. Let the expert know what you’re planning so they can work with your wish list and save you money down the line.

Have your contractor thoroughly inspect the space for possible damage. You may have foundation or water leakage problems that you never noticed because you weren’t using the space. Catching problems before you do major basement remodeling will save you the trouble and cost of correcting them once work has already begun.

Make use of the existing floor plan. While it may be tempting to start putting up walls to separate the space into several rooms, it may not be necessary. The money you save can be put towards a worthier investment: transforming existing concrete walls or paneling into sheet rock. You’ll wind up with a much more finished look that is better integrated with the rest of your home.

Use less expensive materials. You don’t have to choose the most expensive finishes for your flooring, cabinets or other fixtures. Look at several options and find what works best for your budget.  

Whether you want a home theater, a gym, a game room or guest quarters, basement remodeling is a smart path to improving the value of your home and your quality of life. Take advantage of that space sitting under your home and turn it into the ultimate escape for fun and relaxation.