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Hoping to add a level to your existing home? If you’ve ever considered a home addition, adding a second or third story to your property probably didn’t cross your mind. However, these types of additions are popular choices especially among homeowners that don’t have the land space to expand. So, if you fall into this category adding a level to your home may be the best addition option for you.


Full Add-A-Level Addition

Many people who are working on expanding their home in this way typically do not think about the option of just building a partial story to the house. If you are only in need of a little more space or if you are on a tight budget, just doing half of the project is doable and is actually a very common thing to do. By just getting another bedroom and bathroom upstairs, this could be enough extra space without having to fill up the entire upper floor.


What’s The Cost?

It is great to have an estimate of what it will cost for the second story home addition. All homes are different but it does depend on what type of home addition you’re considering. At full second story home addition will of course be more costly, but you can always opt for a partial second story home addition, for a littles less. Regardless of what you decide, it’s important to always get a quote from a trusted contractor. At RJ Wright Design/Build we’d be happy to provide you with a free quote on your addition, just click here.


Can You Stay Or Will You Go?

Many people choose to leave their homes when work like this is being done. The options are to stay with a family member, a friend, or to stay in a hotel room. However, some construction work like this allows you to stay in the house and live there during the process. Depending on how much work is involved and what rooms will be impacted by it, ask the contractor if it is a possibility to stay in the home.


A second story home addition is a great way to add extra room without moving. Find answers to these key questions before adding on and the project will likely be successful. For more information about home additions contact us at RJ Wright Design/Build. We can guide you through the design and construction process of your dream home addition and make the process as painless as possible. Get a free quote.