The home revolves around the kitchen, the source of food and fellowship. The countertops set the stage for food prep and the ambiance of the room. Engineered stone, granite and natural stone make excellent countertop choices due to their durability and aesthetics.


Okite, Zodiaq and Technistone are common forms of engineered stone. These products contain about 95% quartz. The stone sits in a resin base and comes in a variety of colors to suit your style. The durable stone is hard and maintains the color without staining. Sealing is not necessary to maintain the stone like other options. Some companies offer warranties on the finish. By using natural stone, engineered countertops get the best of both worlds for quality, durability and elegance.


Measured in eons, granite is a popular option for kitchen countertops. The bright colors provide a variety of complementary styles to choose from. The natural stone is polished using diamond abrasives to leave a lustrous shine that lasts for years. Granite is a durable option that may seem pricier than other options, but the benefits often outweigh the upfront costs. This is one countertop you want to ensure is measured twice and cut once.


Like granite, natural stone has variations depending on the other minerals in the stone. These veins and markings allow natural stone to give your kitchen a one-of-a-kind touch. In addition to granite, marble and quartz are other popular natural stone options.


Solid surfaces are a manufactured option available in non-natural colors. These are designed to be uniform, but they do not have the natural beauty of other options.

It’s important to use a professional when choosing engineered stone or other stone countertops to ensure a proper measurement, cut and install. Failure to properly fabricate the countertops could cost you additional money. Choose a quality company with a good reputation and enjoy the finished product of a beautiful kitchen for years to come.