Home remodel

The addition of a three season room to your home is a great way to bring in a new space. However, before you begin construction there are a few things you may want to know.

What It Is

In simple terms a three season porch is a porch designed with the insulation required to keep it comfortable in most weather. The amount or type of insulation used is what makes the difference between a covered porch, a three season porch or an all season porch. Most three season areas use single pane tempered glass in the windows, and while they may include a heating unit they are not designed for use during the winter months.


They Serve Different Functions

A three season room can serve a variety of functions depending on your lifestyle. For those with a social inclination they may provide a great place to entertain company. Others may find them the ideal quiet place to read, bird-watch or work. Many people find that the natural light allowed by the large windows, and proximity to nature creates a relaxing environment in which to decompress after a long day.


Adding One to Your Home

It’s important to note that different areas have different regulations when it comes to the building of a new porch. Some places want a permit to be acquired first while others have specific codes that will need to be adhered to. Your contractor should be able to let you know what documentation you will need or who to speak to about any required permits before construction begins.


Adding a three season room to your home can be a great way to create a relaxing new space for you to enjoy. The addition of insulation to the structure means the space can be enjoyed most of the year, and the versatility of the space allows for everything from a quiet study to a great place to entertain company. Remember to confer with your contractor to ensure that everyone has any permits they may need before construction begins.