Countertops are likely to be an overlooked component when a homeowner decides to remodel. However, a countertop can make a big difference in a room. If you’re wondering how to choose the perfect countertop, here are a few pointers you should be aware of.

Whether you’re looking to update your bathroom or kitchen counter surfaces, you’ll want to know which materials will be best for your needs. If you’re looking for something budget friendly, a laminate countertop may be best for you. Laminate counters come in many colors and designs and are fairly easy to keep clean because they require minimal care. Other options such as granite or marble are a little pricier, but may offer lasting benefits in the future. Granite and marble surfaces are inherently unique and also come in varying colors and textures.

When deciding on the perfect countertop surface, the homeowner should also know how thick they would like the countertop to be. Thicker countertops are likely to cost more than a thinner slab, but a thicker countertop material will hold up better over time. Likewise, the countertop selection should also consider whether or not the surface edges should be rounded or left blunt. If children will be present in the room, it’s better to consider having your countertop provider round out the edges to reduce risk of injury.

If you’re still having trouble choosing the perfect counter surface, consulting with a professional may be a worthwhile option. A professional will be able to guide you in the right direction and help you weigh the benefits of each type of countertop. After considering your personal needs and desires for a countertop in your home, a professional can assist you in having your perfect new countertop professionally installed.

Updating your home with new countertops should be a pleasant and productive experience. Be sure to select a countertop finish that suits your personal needs and style so it can give you many years of stress-free use.