Most beautifully sleek, modern kitchens have one thing in common, and that is magazine worthy backsplashes and accent walls made from tiles. It may be metal, subway, ceramic or one of a variety of natural stone tiles, but the textures and patterns can create exciting, creative, eye-catching walls that improve the room’s design elements and raise it to another level. A kitchen backsplash can be a work of art that adds elegance, whimsy, or a quirkiness to any kitchen.


Gone are the humble kitchens that were designed only for functionality. The availability of a wide array of tiles in numerous colors and styles means any kitchen can be a one of a kind work of art. As the kitchen backsplash moves from simple function into creative design, so do the number of available materials. The artistry and convenience of metal, glass, ceramic, and stone protected walls is important and can add color, texture, and pleasing patterns to the room. As more individuals choose to create tile focal points that make statements, the bland, boring backsplashes are considered gone forever.


Kitchen designers and contractors now have access to a huge selection of tiles in various sizes. Ranging in size from three foot squares or two foot by three foot rectangle shaped tiles that are quite thick, to four-inch square tiles that are very thin, it is enough to leave even the most savvy homeowner’s head spinning. There are even glass and ceramic tiles that can be found in very small pieces or tiny strips that have been glued to sheets of netting for ease of placement. Tiles can also be found in geometric designs, mirrored surfaces, and hand painted specialty works of art.


Whether remodeling or building anew, choosing a tile that is durable and functional for the kitchen backsplash is important because it will probably last for years, or at least until it is removed in another remodel. Before selecting a tile, talk to the contractor about how washable it is and what maintenance is required. Loving that same tile years from now is important, so happy hunting.