If you are one of the few that have a basement that needs refinishing, count yourself very lucky. Not only can you add value to your home by adding additional rooms, but you can choose the type of accommodations that best suit your family and your living style. To help prepare you for the long, laborious process that basement remodeling can include, here are a few tips to help you succeed.

The Curse of Legalities

There are codes to check, paperwork to fill out, permits to obtain, and many more things that will drive you nuts if you let it. So, hire a contractor and let him or her do all the work for you while you enjoy time with friends and family.

The Problem with Moistures

Moisture can be the main problem of most basements and must be addressed to prevent future mold and mildew from attacking the area. All signs of condensation should be addressed, and a moisture barrier as part of the basement remodeling project is often a standard prevention method used by most contractors.

The Fixation with Dampness

Cement foundations get old and can crack as they settle or the earth shifts. This can allow water to seep up into the cracks. External walls that have not been properly sealed, or that have developed cracks can also allow moisture into the area. Water pipes, heating vents, and joists can all allow air to pass back and forth over moisture laden items and develop condensation. Your contractor will deal with each of these water problems to make sure your basement is moisture free.

The Trick with Staircases

When your basement was empty, the staircase was adequate and up to code. When you add a living space to the basement, this may no longer be the case, as multiple exit points are often needed in the area. Cutting out and building egress windows can solve the problem, but you may also consider widening your staircase to make it easier to get items into the room.

Hire a contractor and begin your basement remodeling project today. You will love having the extra space the renovation can provide.