Home remodel

Home renovations can be messy, overwhelming, frustrating and just plain stressful—and they are made only more so when you build up or out (or both!). While there is no negating the messy and overwhelming aspects of home improvement, you can reduce the amount of frustration and stress you feel by planning ahead. If a home addition is what you’re after, here are a few things you can do to prepare:


Get a Permit

Too many homeowners assume that just because their addition is a “small” one that no one will notice it—not the city, not inspectors, not even their neighbors. Don’t be like these homeowners, because the truth is, someone will always notice. If you’re in the middle of your renovation and you don’t have a permit, you will be forced to stop all construction until you obtain one. If you’ve completed your project, you may be forced to tear it down and start over, this time with a permit. Don’t take that chance, and acquire the proper permits ahead of time.


Know Your Property Lines

If you plan to build out, know where your property line ends and where your neighbor’s begins. Though you should not even be able to obtain a permit for a home addition that extends beyond your property line, it’s helpful to know ahead of time where your boundaries lie, as it will make it easier for you to plan and design.


Be Prepared to Pay

Home additions can be costly, period. From leveling and laying a new foundation to putting the finishing touches on the roof, you’re looking at costs that go well beyond the costs associated with an average home remodel. Know precisely how much you’re looking to pay and have that much saved and then some (for contingencies).  


Everyone thinks they want a home addition until they’re in the midst of building one. To make sure that you’re happy with your decision from start to finish, prepare ahead of time. You’ll save yourself a lot of time, money and hassle by doing so.