basement bar

There are a number of reasons you might consider adding a bar to your finished basement. A basement bar provides many advantages for entertaining and hosting parties. It can also double as a useful breakfast nook. If you are thinking of adding a bar to your basement, here are four types you might consider.

Open Plan

Many bars are set off to the side of the room, tucked up against a wall and out of the way. To add a sense of spaciousness to your bar, consider positioning it out away from the wall instead. This could especially be a good option for large, roomy basements.


For a lovely, classic sense of elegance, consider choosing a basement bar made of wood in a dark or rich tone such as walnut or oak. Pair with retro bar stools bearing metal accents in gold or bronze. Alternatively, choose a shiny modern metal for a hint of contrast and sheen.


If you would like your bar to have a modern feel, try a black or silver bar with sharp, clean lines. Should the monochrome begin to bore, you can add a burst of interest with vivid color accents, textured wall hangings or funky bar stools in uncommon shapes.



Rustic design can bring a warm, honest, authentic feel to the room, which may be especially nice in a closed-in basement. For a rustic bar, consider brick, rough stone and raw wood as building materials. Look for bar stools in dark metal with intricate iron work. The warmth of rustic materials can beautifully complement the antique elegance of classic, old fashioned chairs or stools.

When it comes to home design, you have a plethora of options in colors, materials and styles. No matter how you end up choosing to build it, a basement bar is sure to add warmth, function and color to your home. To learn more about how to design and install a basement bar, call us today at RJ Wright Design and Build. We’re happy to help get you started! Click here for a free quote.