Nothing makes a home more appealing than an updated kitchen or large open basement renovation. Whether you are going to sell your home or stay in it for a few more years, doing a makeover to those areas can create a home of your dreams. However, if you are considering redoing your kitchen or a basement remodeling, you know it can be an expensive undertaking, so here are some tips on how to save money when remodeling your home.

For the Kitchen

  1. Check out stained concrete or laminated wood if you want a new countertop. Both are beautiful and can match the look of the stone countertops you love.
  2. Instead of replacing the kitchen cabinets, select new doors and hardware. You can paint the bases or re-stain them and give the old cabinets a new life. You can also use open shelving for a more modern look.
  3. Floors can update the look for your kitchen inexpensively. Choose a color you love in a pattern that enhances the look of your area. Also, look at cork tiles because they are popular and very inexpensive.
  4. If you want to replace your old appliances during your kitchen remodel, make sure to purchase energy efficient machines. Not only will you save money on your energy bills, but you can also find a design that fits the look of your new modern kitchen.

For the Basement

  1. Find a contractor that will let you help with some of the work to save money. You could paint, clean up, and haul garbage upstairs.
  2. Select replacements for traditional materials to be used in the remodel. Instead of hardwood flooring, choose a substitute like cork to reduce overall costs.
  3. Create a room your whole family will enjoy throughout the year. By creating an area you love, chances are others will love the renovated room as well when you choose to sell your home.

Before beginning plans for any remodeling project, make sure you speak with a professional about your options. The highly trained pros may have even more ideas about how to save money in your kitchen or basement remodeling project.