Adding a garage to your property is an exciting endeavor. The question is, should you build an attached or detached model? Check out the pros and cons of attached and detached garages before you decide.

Attached Garages

Attached garages are typically more convenient since they have a door that directly connects to the rest of the house. In addition to being safer for older adults or those who have physical limitations, attached options are better for everyone in terms of staying out of the dark and out of cold or rainy weather. Attached versions are also more secure since they can usually be connected to your home’s security system.

On the other hand, attached garages may not be the best idea when it comes to energy consumption or potential health problems. Unless you spend the money to heat it, your garage will be victim to the temperature outside, and without proper insulation, temperatures from it could seep into the rest of your house and cause your HVAC unit to kick on more often. Additionally, dust and car-related fumes such as carbon monoxide may make their way inside from the garage, especially if you are someone who prefers to warm up your car for a couple of minutes before leaving in the morning.

Detached Garages

Attached and detached garages may have the same general function overall, but detached options are often safer for your energy bill and your family. They don’t pose a threat if you decide to warm up your car each morning, and the temperature difference doesn’t matter if your garage doesn’t have any shared walls with your home.

However, you’ll likely need to spend money on extra security for a detached garage, especially if you own expensive vehicles or other items. They are also much less convenient in terms of carrying groceries in and out or simply making your way inside after a late night.

Overall, there is no solid answer when it comes to the argument between attached and detached garages. Before you decide which one works for you, consider safety and security, but also think about how much you intend to store in the space and whether you’ll spend significant time in the space.