You may absolutely love your house, but have you ever wished it was just a bit bigger? With a simple and stylish home addition, you can avoid the hassle of moving and add extra space to the house you already know and love. Home additions improve your home’s functionality and open up a world of possibilities. Here are some of the best ways to use your newly-established space.

Bedroom/Bathroom Combination

An extra bedroom is a perfect addition for older children who desire more privacy. While shared bedrooms are common for little ones, as children grow into teenagers, they often need a room to call their own. The additional bedroom may also serve as an area for guests, adult children returning home from college or elderly family members in need of care. If you want to go even further in creating an exclusive, cozy place for family or long-term visitors, consider adding an attached bathroom or creating a full guesthouse with its own entrance and kitchenette.


Whether it is a full-time job, a fun side business or a relaxing hobby, home additions can help you get the most out of the work you do from home. If your job requires peace and quiet, think about building an office in a more remote location of the home. Your new space also does not have be a traditional office. The beauty of a home addition is that you have the freedom to create an artist studio, a building workshop or any other workspace you desire.

Extra Storage

Home additions can solve the age-old problem of where to store all the extra stuff that accumulates over the years. Adding a storage area will provide the perfect location for holiday decorations, seasonal items, old keepsakes and more. When designing the new space with a professional contractor, keep in mind what you would like to use the room for so that your contractor can help you come up with an appropriate design concept.