Soapstone is a versatile material that looks as good as granite for a fraction of the cost. It is used for soapstone countertops in kitchens and bathrooms as well as soapstone sinks. Fireplaces and stoves can be complemented with this material, and many people use it to create beautiful tiled pieces.

When installed properly by professionals, the kitchen and bathroom countertops become as durable as granite. The stone can resist heat and stains, so no worries if your little ones spill juice on the counter. The slabs are also easy to take care of, just like granite. They are solid pieces, so you won’t have to worry about cleaning tile grout anymore.

Nonporous like granite, soapstone not only resists stains as mentioned above, it also resists bacteria that can make your family ill. There is nothing for germs to crawl into, so you can rest assured that when you wash your soapstone tops with soap and water, there is little chance of food borne illness, at least from your countertops.

This makes cooking and cleaning a breeze in your kitchen and cleaning a breeze in your bathrooms. The material functions well in family households where the countertops take a ton of abuse. You won’t sacrifice style for durability, however. These tops are beautiful and contain natural contrast and vibrancy that depend on the stone itself.

Many homeowners choose stone that mimics marble. One of the most popular uses for soapstone is in kitchens with stainless steel appliances, because the stone can be coated with protective mineral oil to darken its hue. The combination of dark and silver is stunning, not to mention adds value to your home.

Experts in soapstone countertops will be able to help you select the right stone for your home remodel. You will pay more for soapstone than laminate or tile, but if cared for, these tops will last forever.