Sunroom construction and patio construction are both increasing in popularity. The idea of bringing the outdoors inside, or for that matter, the indoors outside, has been attractive to homeowners since time immemorial. There is something about sitting in a climate-controlled room while bathing in full sunshine that just feels luxurious. By the same token, having an enclosed area outside is fun for having gatherings. Some homeowners get these two similar-sounding improvement projects confused, so here are some key differences for you to consider.

A sunroom is an extension of your house that emulates the outside using large windows and open spaces. Sunroom construction, unlike patio construction, is a relatively expensive project that requires that an actual room be built onto your house. The temperature is controlled by the same heating and cooling systems that regulate it inside the rest of your house so the space has to be fully insulated. The disadvantage of adding a sunroom onto your house is that it can be rather expensive. It is, after all, a major construction project and therefore can run into the tens-of-thousands of dollars. The upside is that adding a sunroom can actually increase the value of your home, allowing you to enjoy a better environment and recoup your investment when you sell your home.

Patio construction usually means simply enclosing an outside area with non-insulated materials, mainly as a protection from weather and insects. While this type of project can definitely increase your enjoyment with your house, it probably won’t increase your home’s value like sunroom construction will. The materials used are not usually heavy duty, and start showing signs of wear after a few years. But, on a positive note, the initial investment isn’t nearly as large.

So, whether you decide on a sunroom or enclosed patio, choose a professional who will help you design the best option for your existing home’s layout and your renovation budget.