The need for multi-generational households is growing yearly, and for that reason, adding an in law suite or freestanding apartment may be the way to accommodate family changes. Although older parents were once seen as the standard occupants of the specialized additions, that is no longer the case. As adult children move out into the world, they sometimes need to move back into parental homes due to job loss or inability to find employment. Here are some tips to consider when deciding on what type of in law apartment to add to your home.

Privacy and independence are important issues when building an in law addition, as is creating the idea of permanence. Whether it is adult children or senior parents that need the space, they typically require a sense of belonging and discretion, so they know they are not inconveniencing the household they are sharing. That is why many designs are created as a separate, detached unit. Other in law quarters may be found in basements, above garages, or in second story additions.

When deciding what type of in law apartment fits your needs, the first step is to find an architect that understands what you want. Many construction companies have their own in-house architects. This allows the client to work with the same company from idea conception to project completion. Because of all the rules and regulations that can be involved in gathering building permits and securing qualified workers, finding a trusted and licensed builder is often the key to success.

Adding an in law apartment often allows various family units to live together, yet maintain their individuality. As multigenerational households increase in number, adult children or elderly parents can easily benefit from such a unit. If building an in law suite or apartment is in your future, consider contacting a contractor to begin your project today.