Room additions are a great way to make more space in your house. Whether you want extra space to relax or entertain, a contractor who specializes in home design can help you figure out what type of room would make a good extension to your home. A contractor will assist you with planning the room design, figuring out how much the addition will cost, and seeing the project through to the end. Here are a few types of room additions you can have completed. 

Great Room

A great room functions as something like a living room, family room, and study combined. This versatile room can be used by couples and families as a home office space as well as a space to entertain guests indoors. A contractor can help you decide what size great room suits your needs, which depends on the size of your existing house, the size of your family, and how you plan to use the room. 

Sun Room

A sun room is a space that is usually a bit separate from the rest of the house and contains many large windows so you can enjoy the weather outside without being exposed to the elements. A professional can help you design this space, which you can use throughout the year. Sun rooms are good room additions for keeping plants, entertaining, or simply relaxing and letting the natural light boost your mood.

Guest Room

A guest room is a great addition if you host guests during the holidays and other occasions. After building a guest room, the people you have over can enjoy staying in their own space.

Screened Porch

A screen-in porch is one of the easier room additions you can have completed and makes for a great entertainment space. This room brings the outdoors and its beauty closer to the center of the house.

Consider hiring a professional to add one of these four rooms to your home.