If you don’t already have a garage on your property, now is the time to build one. Whether attached or unattached, this space is quite versatile. You can, of course, use it to protect your vehicles from burglars or the weather, but the space is also great for creating playrooms, man caves or just a simple spot to hang out. Here’s what to expect during your garage construction project.


Create a Plan

The first step of your construction process is to draw up a plan for your new garage. If you aren’t an experienced architect, you will want to hire one to do this. Doing so ensures you do not accidentally hit utility lines or go over the property line. Remember, you will need to submit your plan to the city and receive a permit before you can build.


Build the Foundation

Once you secure your permit, you can hire a construction company. Their first step will be to build the foundation. This involves digging and leveling the area where the garage will sit and then pouring a concrete slab. The company will need to include spots for plumbing and electric. Any mistake will be costly so research before hiring someone.


Build the Walls and Roof

The next step of the garage construction process is to have the company build the walls and roof. Sill plates will be installed along with the walls so that roof rafters can be put in when the time comes. The company will then cover the rafters with OSB sheeting or plywood. Next, your contractor will build the roof. Finally, the company will install the doors, windows and any plumbing or electrical elements.


Once the garage construction is complete, you can paint it to match the rest of your home’s exterior and begin to use it for its intended purpose. Remember, always hire a professional contractor to prevent injury or serious workmanship mistakes.